Your gifts and abilities are activated by something external to you

Whatever your gifts or talents might be, there is something outside of you that activates them. If you’re a musician, and you hear a particular sound, you’re sense of melody is inspired. If you’re a writer, you might see an incident on the news that activates your creative imagination for a story idea.

Maybe you’re a cook, and you taste or smell a foreign food that provokes the thought in you to combine ingredients or spices that don’t necessarily go together. Maybe you’re a real estate agent, and you get a creative idea on a new way of selling homes by observing the sales process of a completely different industry.

The point is that inspiration, and the activation of your abilities, are usually the result of observing or experiencing something external to you. Therefore, I would encourage you to keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel. Great ideas are passing you everyday.

C. J.
C. J.

C. J. Ortiz is a speaker, writer, life coach, and communications consultant. His expertise in personal achievement in life and business focuses on maximizing resources in every area of life. He also has 20 years experience in branding, marketing, design, and publishing. He's also the founder of Metal Motivation: Daily Screams for Living Aggressively—a social media driven powerhouse for personal development.

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