In the world of branding, it’s not what you say about yourself that matters—it’s what others say about you. This is the foundation and purpose to publicity, but it’s even more important in the era of social media.

Publicity and public relations (PR) are when you’re able to get news outlets (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers) to write articles and stories about you. This is important because news is not viewed in the same way as advertising. News is taken as fact because it’s a qualified third-party talking about you, and ads are taken as you blowing your own horn. We all know YOU think you’re wonderful (advertising), but what does the Daily News think about you (article)?

People Now Distrust News; They Believe Their Friends

Getting “good publicity” means getting qualified third-parties to speak well of you in the mainstream media. That’s well and good for news outlets, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into social media.

Because of the power of the internet and social media, people are more skeptical of the news, and their trust is shifting to what their friends and associates are sharing and saying on social media.

This should matter to you because getting a news story written about your business will influence people, but they can’t talk back to a television screen, radio station, or newspaper—but they sure as hell can comment on Facebook!

In other words, if you’re going to truly maximize social media, you need your audience—the new “third-party”—to endorse you not just “share” you. The sharing feature on Facebook is a powerful tool, but nothing compares to someone actually telling others about you or your business.

“Sharing” Is Not Enough. People Need to Brag On You

I’ll often hear new subscribers write me and say, “My friend (name) told me about you.” This doesn’t happen because someone is clicking “share.” This happens when someone writes or speaks about you to one of their friends. That’s what you want. Sharing alone is not going to give you the kind of positioning you need. You need people bragging on you by telling their friends and family about how you’ve impacted their life.

How do you get people to not only share your business but also tell others about it? The process is simple, but it’s not easy to do. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A great idea
  • Relevant content to a person’s perceived pain
  • Solutions that work
  • Multiple means of communicating your message
  • Be accessible and interact with people
  • Be relentless

Don’t get deceived by the term “social media” and think it’s some mysterious, elusive thing. It’s a technology that connects people and businesses, therefore, the very things that have shaped culture and business until now are still the determining factor online. If anything, it’s easier, and cheaper, now. Get busy!

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C. J.
C. J.

C. J. Ortiz is a speaker, writer, life coach, and communications consultant. His expertise in personal achievement in life and business focuses on maximizing resources in every area of life. He also has 20 years experience in branding, marketing, design, and publishing. He's also the founder of Metal Motivation: Daily Screams for Living Aggressively—a social media driven powerhouse for personal development.

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