Obtaining real achievement and lasting change is not a mystery, and there is no ancient secret about the power of the mind to attract money, jobs, or the opposite sex. The cold hard truth is that there is no such thing as mind over matter—only mind over your own lazy ass. If there is any “mystery” to success, it’s only because the “black magicians of self-help” have worked overtime helping you and I to misunderstand what should be painfully obvious.

When we don’t understand the way things are achieved, it’s easy for “gurus” to sell us on the idea that there is some secret to success. Some secret that the ancients had that you don’t. Some secret that the elite possess, but that you’ll never know unless you buy the guru’s special product or program.

There are no secrets. There is only ignorance of the proven principles for real achievement and lasting change. In this week’s 5-message video series, I’m covering three basic elements you’ll need to accomplish anything in life. Here’s Episode 1:

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C. J.
C. J.

C. J. Ortiz is a speaker, writer, life coach, and communications consultant. His expertise in personal achievement in life and business focuses on maximizing resources in every area of life. He also has 20 years experience in branding, marketing, design, and publishing. He's also the founder of Metal Motivation: Daily Screams for Living Aggressively—a social media driven powerhouse for personal development.

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