Fixing your or my life isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In other words, the process isn’t hard to understand, but the execution is where we fail.

If you think about it, most people fail, or never achieve their goals, because they simply don’t put in the work over the amount of time it takes to get what they want.

They quit too soon.

This is frustrating, because deep down we know we can do, be, or have what it is we want, but the long haul that’s required to reach our desired end is what knocks us out of the race.

BUT, at those moments when we feel like quitting, we still have a volcano of personal power deep within us that could both blast us out of where we are and destroy any future obstacle as well!

You might be thinking, “I do? That’s news to me!”

Yes, you do. You have explosive power within you, but you also have something else. Something equally powerful…

You have unbelief!

“No. Keep Going.”

Think of it this way. Let’s say you and I get up early and head to the local gym to run the treadmill. In this scenario, I’ll be your coach, and you’ll be the one running.

We start you out at a light pace, and then we gradually speed things up until you’re moving at a rapid jog. You’re not sprinting, but you are starting to breathe heavy.

After about 10 minutes, you’re really starting to pant, and you start feeling pain in your legs, because you’ve never done this before. It’s at this point that both your body and your mind are in complete agreement… STOP NOW!

You look over at me and say, “Can I stop now?” I say, “No. Keep going.” You say, “Dude, I’m gonna have a heart attack. I need to stop.” I say, “No. Keep going.”

You try your best, but it’s only another minute or two before your mind and body just say, “No more!” and you try to press the buttons to slow it down.

I slap your hands and say, “No way, man. Keep going.” You yell, “I can’t!” I yell back, “You can!” You scream, “I can’t, dammit! Are you trying to kill me?!”

At that moment, I pull out a gun and point it at your head, and say, “No, I’m not trying to kill you, but I will if you don’t keep your ass on that treadmill!”

You stay on and start running again, and soon you’re getting very dramatic. Your body and mind are screaming that this is torture. Your arms start flailing, you exaggerate your breathing, and your mouth is now hanging open as you beg me to let you stop.

“No, keep going!”


When You Start to Believe

At this point, we’re at 15 minutes, and we continue this banter going back and forth between us, you only comply because of the threat of a gun. But you do keep going.

Soon, we’re at 20 minutes…then 22 minutes…25 minutes.

Then something starts to happen. You stop the exaggerated movements. You start to shut up. You begin to concentrate on what you’re doing. You become more focused—more determined. You’re getting pissed off, but it’s not at me. You’re getting pissed off at the resistance itself.

Guess what? You’re starting to believe!

Suddenly, at the 30 minute mark, I say, “Okay, man, you can get off this thing.” You say, “I can do a few more minutes.” I say, “Are you sure?” You say, “Definitely!”

You finish at 35 minutes, and you’re not breathing as heavy as you thought you would. You’re smiling. You’re proud of yourself. You did it.

But what did you do exactly? Did you simply run for 35 minutes on a treadmill?

NO… you broke a barrier, but it wasn’t a physical barrier. Sure, your body had never run that much, but your body could have always done that much work and more. The truth is that you had the power in you all the time. The problem was always in your mind—in your beliefs.

You Have the Power. The Problem is in Your Mind.

The barriers we have to break are almost always in our minds, but instead of focusing our attention on changing our beliefs, we instead turn on our ourselves and condemn ourselves for not reaching our goals, or for quitting.

The better thing to do during those times is to simply say to ourselves, “This is where you quit the last time, but today is different because I know I have all the personal power I need to break through this barrier and more!”

Oftentimes, this is all it takes to keep you going, and that’s the goal. We just want to keep you going during those difficult seasons when you want to quit. You have the power to do the work, and the only battle we truly need to win is the battle in your mind!

This is what I want to challenge you to meditate on today. Spend some time thinking about what you’ve quit before, or something that you’re facing now that you keep putting off. And instead of focusing on the size of the problem, focus on how much power you have within you right now.

Visualize it. See yourself doing those things you’re putting off. See yourself moving quickly and with energy. Put an exaggerated smile on your face, and then repeat this scenario in your mind over and over again, and soon you’ll start to believe it. At the very least, you won’t quit, and you’ll be that much closer to your goal(s).

You see, this is what happened when you were on the treadmill after those first 10 minutes. Your mind started exaggerating the circumstances, and you felt like you were ready to die. But, at the threat of a gun, your mind was forced to suppress those feelings and push past the mental barrier. Soon, your mind quit bothering you, and it submitted to the discipline.

That’s how things get done! By overcoming the obstacles in our minds, we easily overcome the obstacles in life!

Can you dig it? I hope you can!


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C. J.
C. J.

C. J. Ortiz is a speaker, writer, life coach, and communications consultant. His expertise in personal achievement in life and business focuses on maximizing resources in every area of life. He also has 20 years experience in branding, marketing, design, and publishing. He's also the founder of Metal Motivation: Daily Screams for Living Aggressively—a social media driven powerhouse for personal development.

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