There is No Secret to Success (Video)

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Obtaining real achievement and lasting change is not a mystery, and there is no ancient secret about the power of the mind to attract money, jobs, or the opposite sex. The cold hard truth is that there is no such thing as mind over matter—only mind over your own lazy ass. If there is any…

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Why Do We Second-Guess Ourselves? How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Finally Go After What You Want!


There’s a “silent war” within our minds, and it’s when we second-guess ourselves. One moment we believe we can achieve a goal or objective, and then a day later, we’re questioning our ability or even our worthiness. It’s frustrating as hell because we want what we want, but when we can’t believe in ourselves, we’re…

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Meditation: Creating a Stronger Mind to Live a Better Life (Video)


Meditate is taken from a Latin word which means to contemplate. To make it simple, it means to focus your thinking in order to think deeply about something. Meditation is Something You Do All the Time Whether you take time out each day to meditate, you’re actually meditating all the time, but it may not…

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3 Powerful Mind Tricks to Defeat Discouragement and Get You Back on Track to Achieving Your Goals


When we’re defeated in life, it’s only because we’re defeated first in our minds. That’s because the mountain is always bigger in our minds than the mountain we actually climb—just as the fire in our minds is always hotter than the fiery trials we actually endure. This is what neutralizes us. It’s how we get…

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How to Find the Inspiration to End Your Dark Season


Do you remember going to see blockbuster action movies when you were a kid? For my brothers and I, something would happen to us after leaving the theater, and it would change the rest of our day. As soon as we returned home from the theater, we were off to live out the stories and…

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