The 3 Things I Work On to Keep Myself at 100%

3 Things

I’ve always tried to live with a FIRE in my spirit that could be seen in my eyes, and I wanted the words of my mouth to be intentional, powerful, and direct. My objective was to be a flame amongst the dry grass, so I could set others ablaze. And despite growing up with a…

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Dare to Pursue Your Dreams

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One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. ~ André Gide Imagine the reckless courage it took to venture out into unknown waters in search of new lands. Try to envision the mindset of the early adventurers—and the amount of daring they sported—and realize that…

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There is No Secret to Success (Video)

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Obtaining real achievement and lasting change is not a mystery, and there is no ancient secret about the power of the mind to attract money, jobs, or the opposite sex. The cold hard truth is that there is no such thing as mind over matter—only mind over your own lazy ass. If there is any…

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Defeating the Discouragement That Makes You Quit (Video)

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When you’re discouraged, you lose interest for what usually motivates you. Suddenly, all of the passion that once pushed you to daily action is now gone, and it feels as if life has tossed a bucket of water on the once burning flames of your enthusiasm. The spark has left your eyes, and you are…

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You May Be Close to the Greatest Change in Your Life (Video)

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Nothing—and I mean nothing—will revolutionize your life as when you discover the power of determination. When you take your place as the one who decides and creates your desired future. It’s when you stop waiting for life to happen to you and start making life happen for you. When Apple founder, Steve Jobs, found himself…

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