What is Effective Logo Design?

The greatest challenge to effective design is finding the simplest solution

Effective graphic design is when you dilute a problem down to its most simple solution. This is challenging because the most simple solutions tend to be the most difficult to find. That’s the why the creative process often takes a great deal of time—you’re having to clear the clutter of your own mind until the…

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After 24 Years in Graphic Design, This is the Most Important Principle I’ve Learned


Effective graphic design is when you find the most simple solution in terms of the idea, and then execute it visually in equally simple artwork. Effective design is never busy. It’s never overdone. Think of the most well-known corporate logos (Apple, Windows, Coke, Nike, American Airlines, etc) and they are ALL simple shapes and letters.…

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The Best Ideas Begin With Sketches

In the era of digital imaging, the creation of stock clip art and graphics software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, et al.) has made anyone with money a “graphic designer.” This is okay if clients are willing to pay for someone to create something without originality or something not based upon the principles of design.…

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A Powerful Life Lesson I Learned From Logo Design

That’s the power of graphic design. It’s simplicity of communication challenges the viewer to have an “aha” moment. It engages our interpretive process, and that leaves a much stronger impression upon us than a detailed illustration.

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Is There a Secret to Being Creative? Yup, It’s Hard Work!

The more you apply yourself to creativity and problem-solving, the better you’ll be at extracting powerful ideas from this world. There is no secret to being creative, but there is a mysterious power to it. The myth of creativity is a false sense of glamour that keeps people from trying, but I’m hoping the allurement of possibility will draw out something better from each of us.

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