The Power of Inspiration to Transform Your Life (Video)


Why do we like certain movies, and why do certain characters carry personal meaning for us? Why do we still like Star Wars after all these years, and why do we still feel something when we hear “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from Rocky? Remember when you were a kid and lived out the movies…

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Building Your Social Media Empire, Part 2: What Branding Is and Why You Better Learn It—Quick!

Branding is the penetration and position of an idea into the mind of your marketplace

What’s the most important thing to understand about branding? First, you must understand what branding is not. Branding is not your logo, stationery, or web site. In fact, those are all secondary at best. I’ve also heard so-called gurus refer to branding as a “promise.” A what? They say it’s a promise that a person,…

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“Sharing” is For Suckers. How to Get People “Talking” About You, Not Just “Sharing” You

To maximize social media, you need people "talking" about you—not just "sharing" you.

In the world of branding, it’s not what you say about yourself that matters—it’s what others say about you. This is the foundation and purpose to publicity, but it’s even more important in the era of social media. Publicity and public relations (PR) are when you’re able to get news outlets (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers)…

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What Will Activate Your Talents

Your gifts and abilities are activated by something external to you

Whatever your gifts or talents might be, there is something outside of you that activates them. If you’re a musician, and you hear a particular sound, you’re sense of melody is inspired. If you’re a writer, you might see an incident on the news that activates your creative imagination for a story idea. Maybe you’re…

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Steve Jobs, the Mystery of Creativity, and the Need for You to Think Different

Steve Jobs understood what technology really was: creativity.

“That’s what makes great products. It’s not process—it’s content.” ~ Steve Jobs I copied the quote above by Steve Jobs while watching the full version of an old interview with him from the 90s when he was still the CEO of NeXT. In my opinion, Jobs remains one of the most important minds in our…

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