The Power of Inspiration to Transform Your Life (Video)


Why do we like certain movies, and why do certain characters carry personal meaning for us? Why do we still like Star Wars after all these years, and why do we still feel something when we hear “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from Rocky? Remember when you were a kid and lived out the movies…

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Steve Jobs on the Most Important Thing You Could Ever Learn


Life comes out of death, which is why real living begins when you kill off the habits, mindsets, and feelings that are holding you back. To live, something must die. To experience something greater, the lesser must be executed. In my life, nothing has spelled more significant change than when fatalism began to die and…

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How to Use Your Imagination to Create Your Desired Outcomes

Your mind must be disciplined, trained, and expanded if you want to truly maximize your personal resources—and one of the most important aspects of the equipping of your mind is the development of your imagination.

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“I’ll Believe It When I See It.” The Power of Our Inner-Eyes

You'll believe whatever see whether with your outer, or inner, eyes

You believe what you “see,” whether it’s with your physical eyes, or the eyes of your mind or imagination. If seeing is believing, then harnessing the power of your imagination leads to new beliefs that lead to whatever it is you’ve determined for yourself.

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