The Power of Inspiration to Transform Your Life (Video)


Why do we like certain movies, and why do certain characters carry personal meaning for us? Why do we still like Star Wars after all these years, and why do we still feel something when we hear “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from Rocky? Remember when you were a kid and lived out the movies…

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Meditation: Creating a Stronger Mind to Live a Better Life (Video)


Meditate is taken from a Latin word which means to contemplate. To make it simple, it means to focus your thinking in order to think deeply about something. Meditation is Something You Do All the Time Whether you take time out each day to meditate, you’re actually meditating all the time, but it may not…

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3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Faith to Believe and Achieve What You Want!


Faith believes the impossible is possible while hope is a wish that something will some day happen. Faith, on the other hand, is a firm conviction of the existence of something that hasn’t yet been realized or manifested. I prefer faith to hope. Faith is when you’re convinced, and to be convinced means to be…

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Nothing Will Reward You More Than Wisdom

The fool believes that the universe rewards laziness and protects the indifferent

Once I accepted the fact that wisdom was my answer, I immediately discarded the garments of the fool, because it is the fool that thinks anything can be accomplished by accident—the fool believes that the universe rewards laziness and protects the indifferent. Not so. Life will steamroll you with heartache, setbacks, poverty, illness, and death,…

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Beware of the Self-Help Black Magicians

The truth is that there are no short cuts to achievement or personal change, and all the magical thinking in the world will not bring any success to anyone BUT the ones who peddle the principles. Whether “faith healers,” or late night self-help gurus, their purpose is separate your mind from sound reason; offer you the short cut, and then create dependency upon them.

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