The Quickest Way to Achievement is to Take the Longest Road

The long road to real achievement and lasting change is what prepares you for carrying the massive responsibility that awaits you at your “destination”

The truth is that real achievement, and lasting change, come by taking the long road. They come by following a path filled with twists, turns, uphill climbs, dead ends, obstructions, and forks. Navigating your way through such a difficult route requires so much of you that the journey itself has more to do with your personal transformation than what awaits you at your destination.

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When Motivation Does More Harm Than Good


When Motivation Does More Harm Than Good is When It Doesn’t Change Your Life… Because It Tricks You Into Thinking That by Reading Quotes, You ARE Changing Your Life… YOU’RE NOT! I told someone last night, “Even I’m sick of seeing motivational quotes!” I see them all over Facebook. Quote after quote after quote. Some…

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Time Flies Even When You’re Not Having Fun, So Seize the Day!

CJ Ortiz New2 carpe diem

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Nothing Will Reward You More Than Wisdom

The fool believes that the universe rewards laziness and protects the indifferent

Once I accepted the fact that wisdom was my answer, I immediately discarded the garments of the fool, because it is the fool that thinks anything can be accomplished by accident—the fool believes that the universe rewards laziness and protects the indifferent. Not so. Life will steamroll you with heartache, setbacks, poverty, illness, and death,…

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The Surest Bet Against an Uncertain Economic Future

CJ Ortiz Postcard Surest Bet

Investing in your abilities, education, and the tools of your trade are a far better investment than anything outside of yourself. I have poured all of my time and money into those very things, and they represent the surest bet against an uncertain future. When you develop your character, you can separate yourself from either…

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