Releasing Personal Power Through Personal Discovery

The principle to be learned is that whenever you discover something by yourself, you immediately take ownership of it; and that sense of ownership is what truly empowers you

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If You Want Your Business to Succeed, You Have to Get Into the People Business


Techniques, tools, and methods are simply means to effective communications, but effective communications is based upon ancient verities that remain consistent despite the changing times and different cultures. People are people. If you want your business to succeed, then you have to get in the people business!

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Teaching Your Mind to Break Through Your Self-Imposed Limitations

The limitations are an illusion. Push through them!

We tend to give up too early because it doesn’t take much to exhaust our current resources or limited ideas about how to solve a problem. This represents our “ceiling”—it’s the invisible plane that we can never seem to break through.

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A Lesson in Branding from Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt

Ideas are the heart and soul of movements, nations, businesses, music, and celebrities. A Tom Cruise can be lauded for years as a “man’s man” of action films and then sink to the bottom because he leaves his wife and acts like an idiot on Oprah. He lost the idea of “manhood and respect,” and he’ll likely never recover.

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5 Easy Ways to Start Securing Your Financial Future

There’s an old saying that goes, “I’ve been poor, and I’ve been rich, and rich is much better.” In the type of economy we live in today, being better off financially is more a matter of survival than simply pursuing gross materialism. Being rich, or financially secure, is much better because we live under a monetary system that is set against us.

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