How to Release the Visual Power of Your Mind


Have you ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” Isn’t that what we usually say when someone tells us something extraordinary? We need to see it for ourselves? Well, guess what? It’s true. You DO only believe what you see, but it’s not only with your physical eyes. You believe only what you see with your inner…

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I Changed My Diet, and The Results are Amazing!


This morning’s breakfast (yes, I cooked that plate and took that photo). It contains four whole eggs stuffed with mixed cheese and covered in salsa. On the side are three slices of bacon and half of an avocado. This meal contains LOTS of healthy fats, and it has no sugar, and very minimal carbs. It’s…

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There is No Secret to Success (Video)

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Obtaining real achievement and lasting change is not a mystery, and there is no ancient secret about the power of the mind to attract money, jobs, or the opposite sex. The cold hard truth is that there is no such thing as mind over matter—only mind over your own lazy ass. If there is any…

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Why Do We Second-Guess Ourselves? How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Finally Go After What You Want!


There’s a “silent war” within our minds, and it’s when we second-guess ourselves. One moment we believe we can achieve a goal or objective, and then a day later, we’re questioning our ability or even our worthiness. It’s frustrating as hell because we want what we want, but when we can’t believe in ourselves, we’re…

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Meditation: Creating a Stronger Mind to Live a Better Life (Video)


Meditate is taken from a Latin word which means to contemplate. To make it simple, it means to focus your thinking in order to think deeply about something. Meditation is Something You Do All the Time Whether you take time out each day to meditate, you’re actually meditating all the time, but it may not…

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