5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur


For some people, the most frightening proposition they can hear is, “It’s up to you.” The very thought of being self-reliant spooks them. The suggestion that their financial future will be solely determined by their own plans and efforts is almost unimaginable. They say, “Thank God, I’ve got a job!” Then there’s the others—the 13%…

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Sharpen Your Message to Cut Into the Mind


“In communication, as in architecture, less is more. You have to sharpen your message to cut into the mind. You have to jettison the ambiguities, simplify the message,  and then simplify it some more if you want to make a long-lasting impression.”1 The one skill I’m always working on is my communication. Whether in writing,…

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How to Color Your Writing to Make People Love Reading Your Blog


When it comes to writing non-fiction—which includes blogging—too much of what I read is flat and colorless. Our Western minds governed by math and sequential logic concern ourselves too much with the structure of our arguments that we neglect the story-telling aspect of writing. As writers, we must always remember that the best way to…

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Self-Publishing Expert, Sue Collier, Teams Up with C. J. to Help You Become an Author

Self-Publishing Expert, Sue Collier, is YOUR Key to Getting Published!

From C. J. – I’m happy as hell to welcome Sue Collier, co-author of The Fifth Edition of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, as the resident expert on equipping you to become a published author. In addition to writing and publishing, Sue will speaking to other areas such as entrepreneurship, marketing, building your own platform through…

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Steve Jobs, the Mystery of Creativity, and the Need for You to Think Different

Steve Jobs understood what technology really was: creativity.

“That’s what makes great products. It’s not process—it’s content.” ~ Steve Jobs I copied the quote above by Steve Jobs while watching the full version of an old interview with him from the 90s when he was still the CEO of NeXT. In my opinion, Jobs remains one of the most important minds in our…

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