“Sharing” is For Suckers. How to Get People “Talking” About You, Not Just “Sharing” You

To maximize social media, you need people "talking" about you—not just "sharing" you.

In the world of branding, it’s not what you say about yourself that matters—it’s what others say about you. This is the foundation and purpose to publicity, but it’s even more important in the era of social media. Publicity and public relations (PR) are when you’re able to get news outlets (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers)…

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Use the Power of Branding to Create Extra Income

You must start thinking about creating a side business, full-time home business, or taking your small business to the next level. The world economy is destroying jobs and income, so the only one who will truly fight for your financial and professional future is you. The time to fight is now. It’s never been easier…

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The Secret of Marketing is Creating Action

What is marketing? It’s creating action. Did you think I was going to say that marketing is selling a product or service? Well, it is that as well, but if you think of marketing as selling alone, you miss the laws and principles that govern it. For me, unless I understand the principles—and I mean…

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