Dealing with Your Devil & Finding Your Paradise (Video)

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You have your own personal devil. We all do. We all have a side to us that desires our destruction. Isn’t that true for you? Even if your best seasons and happiest moments, there’s a devil within just waiting for you to get hurt, rejected, or wronged in order to take over the course of…

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Subduing Your Emotions (Video)

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When we think of someone who’s controlled by their emotions, we think of someone flying into a fit of rage, or someone who’s crying all time. Those are extreme examples, but we all can be controlled by our emotions, but we don’t realize it’s happening because it’s more subdued. However, the end result can also be destructive in the long

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5 Ways to Get Rid of What’s Holding You Back

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Sacrifice is giving yourself for yourself—it’s killing off what you are to become what you can be! Discover 5 effective ways to rid yourself of the mindset and lifestyle that’s holding you back from living your best life.

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Loving Yourself (Video)


You and I will never live a fulfilling life until we learn to love ourselves, but I’m not talking about becoming more selfish or egocentric. I’m talking about a true, unconditional love that actually transforms you into a powerful “agent of change” in this world. In fact, it will turn you into the most influential and attractive person you could possibly be!

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Take Hold of the Flame: Finding the Way Out of Your Darkness


When life keeps beating you, guess where you end up? You end up in a passive position waiting for things to happen. You end up wishing and hoping when you once were hungry and aggressive. Like the dog who doesn’t want to be hit again, you wince at everything that swings by your head. You…

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