5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur


For some people, the most frightening proposition they can hear is, “It’s up to you.” The very thought of being self-reliant spooks them. The suggestion that their financial future will be solely determined by their own plans and efforts is almost unimaginable. They say, “Thank God, I’ve got a job!” Then there’s the others—the 13%…

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The Most Profound Insight I Ever Learned About Making More Money

money key

One of the most profound insights I ever received came from a dear friend and mentor who told me, “Your value is determined by the problem you solve.” At the time, I was working with him as a consultant and graphic designer helping him publish an enormous output of information products. We labored tirelessly together,…

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The Surest Bet Against an Uncertain Economic Future

CJ Ortiz Postcard Surest Bet

Investing in your abilities, education, and the tools of your trade are a far better investment than anything outside of yourself. I have poured all of my time and money into those very things, and they represent the surest bet against an uncertain future. When you develop your character, you can separate yourself from either…

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The Economy Sucks So Start a Home-Based Business

If you need to change your financial situation, then starting a home-based business may be the best way to add extra income or even make a career change. Since 1993, I’ve operated a home-based business and nothing has done more to transform my life than the sense of empowerment that comes from being financially, and…

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Use the Power of Branding to Create Extra Income

You must start thinking about creating a side business, full-time home business, or taking your small business to the next level. The world economy is destroying jobs and income, so the only one who will truly fight for your financial and professional future is you. The time to fight is now. It’s never been easier…

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