3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Faith to Believe and Achieve What You Want!


Faith believes the impossible is possible while hope is a wish that something will some day happen. Faith, on the other hand, is a firm conviction of the existence of something that hasn’t yet been realized or manifested. I prefer faith to hope. Faith is when you’re convinced, and to be convinced means to be…

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The Power of Your Mind to Create Your Ideal Future


Have you ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” Someone tells you they can do something, and you tell them to offer proof, because you’re not going to believe anything until you can see it with your physical eyes. BUT, you have even more powerful “eyes” in your mind. It’s what we refer…

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Don’t Question Yourself: You Can Exceed Your Limits!


Just when you think you can’t, that’s exactly when you can. At that moment when you believe you can’t go another step, you could actually go ten more. Believe me, you’re not even close to discovering your full capacity. Until you push past your perceived limits, you will not grow, because growth only comes when…

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Fight Fire with Fire: Purging Your Weaker Side with the Flames of Self-Power!

fight fire with fire

Trapped behind all of your excuses lies a volcano of personal molten energy, and that’s the power supply you need to tap. In order to break through these walls of self-limiting beliefs, a new attitude of personal recognition must be born—the recognition of personal power. You witnessed glimpses of your personal power in those isolated…

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How to Conquer Yourself


If you’re going to conquer yourself and achieve your goals, you’re going to need assurance, and assurance is being certain of something you haven’t seen. I’m not referring to religious faith but rather a force of personal belief that will help you overcome obstacles and release your personal power. If you’re going to become everything you…

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