Whine or Work. B*tch or Build. (Video)

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Complain, complain, complain. Whine, whine, whine. Don’t we hear enough of this on social media? Why is that? Don’t we live in an age of abundance? You’re flooded with choices, resources, opportunities, and more, and yet a society has never whined so much as ours. How do we explain this? I would offer two reasons:…

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Loving Yourself (Video)


You and I will never live a fulfilling life until we learn to love ourselves, but I’m not talking about becoming more selfish or egocentric. I’m talking about a true, unconditional love that actually transforms you into a powerful “agent of change” in this world. In fact, it will turn you into the most influential and attractive person you could possibly be!

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The Less You Live in the Past, The More You Won’t Recognize Your Future


The past can haunt you, and for some of us, it feels like these ghosts can never be expelled from our minds. For many of us, the haunting continues, and the future we see for ourselves will always include the painful spirits created by what happened to us. We feel like we know the future.…

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How to Defeat Discouragement Before It Makes You Quit


When you’re discouraged, you lose interest for what usually motivates you. Suddenly, all of the passion that once pushed you to daily action is now gone, and it feels as if life has tossed a bucket of water on the once burning flames of your enthusiasm. The spark has left your eyes, and you are…

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Happiness vs Fulfillment: There IS a Difference!

“Happiness is a decision, but happiness pursued for its own sake is fleeting. It must have a greater purpose that it serves. Fulfillment carries the idea of being full, and that’s the end result of personal development.” Happiness is focused on a feeling of contentment, but fulfillment is satisfaction or happiness as a result of…

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