How to Find the Inspiration to End Your Dark Season


Do you remember going to see blockbuster action movies when you were a kid? For my brothers and I, something would happen to us after leaving the theater, and it would change the rest of our day. As soon as we returned home from the theater, we were off to live out the stories and…

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The Less You Live in the Past, The More You Won’t Recognize Your Future


The past can haunt you, and for some of us, it feels like these ghosts can never be expelled from our minds. For many of us, the haunting continues, and the future we see for ourselves will always include the painful spirits created by what happened to us. We feel like we know the future.…

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Turning Your Trials Into Personal Power


Life is a crucible because life is filled with fiery trials that test the metal from which you are made. Nobody likes the trial that they go through, but there can be an upside to these dark seasons. What you have before you is the chance to prove yourself. What you have is the opportunity…

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Dealing with Loneliness


There are some who choose to be alone, but there are others who have it forced upon them. Whether the sudden death of someone you love, a divorce, or to be ignored by others, the dark isolation of loneliness drains the human soul of its vitality. This is because we need the presence of others…

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