Is Life Judging You or Daring You?


Instead of looking at life’s resistance as evidence that life is judging you, try seeing it as more of a dare. Life has treasures, but it won’t give them up easily. It’s as if life is daring you to come try to take what’s yours!

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5 Ways to Get Rid of What’s Holding You Back

Furious strong businessman bending the bars of his prison

Sacrifice is giving yourself for yourself—it’s killing off what you are to become what you can be! Discover 5 effective ways to rid yourself of the mindset and lifestyle that’s holding you back from living your best life.

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Don’t Question Yourself: You Can Exceed Your Limits!


Just when you think you can’t, that’s exactly when you can. At that moment when you believe you can’t go another step, you could actually go ten more. Believe me, you’re not even close to discovering your full capacity. Until you push past your perceived limits, you will not grow, because growth only comes when…

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How to Strengthen the Desires That Move You Towards Your Goals

CJ Ortiz Postcard Temptation

Most people have two appetites: they either hunger for something better, or their desires lead to destruction. And though they claim to have a hatred for their self-destructive behavior, they habitually line their life paths with land mines waiting to destroy their progress. We all have this tendency, and the difference between those who succeed,…

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Happiness or Fulfillment? Which One Are You Seeking?

I think everyone has heard the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” but I’m not sure we’ve thought through the implications of that philosophy. I have several problems with that perspective, but my main critique is that it won’t lead to anything resembling a fulfilling life. Seeking happiness for itself will not satisfy, and the idea…

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