How to Color Your Writing to Make People Love Reading Your Blog


When it comes to writing non-fiction—which includes blogging—too much of what I read is flat and colorless. Our Western minds governed by math and sequential logic concern ourselves too much with the structure of our arguments that we neglect the story-telling aspect of writing. As writers, we must always remember that the best way to…

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Self-Publishing: What It Is—and What It Isn’t


One of the most confusing things about self-publishing is what exactly constitutes self-publishing. For every right answer to this question there are about a dozen wrong answers. Particularly in the past decade, since the inception of POD (print on demand), there are a lot of inaccuracies out there. I’m going to do my best to…

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The Scoop on Self-Publishing Today


I have been working with authors who are self-publishing since 1996, and it has been exciting to see how the industry—which had mostly been static for decades (read: boring!)—has evolved. In fact, I’ve seen the most dramatic changes in just the past few years (read: interesting!). The opportunities for self-publishers abound today, and it is…

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Self-Publishing Expert, Sue Collier, Teams Up with C. J. to Help You Become an Author

Self-Publishing Expert, Sue Collier, is YOUR Key to Getting Published!

From C. J. – I’m happy as hell to welcome Sue Collier, co-author of The Fifth Edition of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, as the resident expert on equipping you to become a published author. In addition to writing and publishing, Sue will speaking to other areas such as entrepreneurship, marketing, building your own platform through…

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