“Sharing” is For Suckers. How to Get People “Talking” About You, Not Just “Sharing” You

To maximize social media, you need people "talking" about you—not just "sharing" you.

In the world of branding, it’s not what you say about yourself that matters—it’s what others say about you. This is the foundation and purpose to publicity, but it’s even more important in the era of social media. Publicity and public relations (PR) are when you’re able to get news outlets (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers)…

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What is Effective Logo Design?

The greatest challenge to effective design is finding the simplest solution

Effective graphic design is when you dilute a problem down to its most simple solution. This is challenging because the most simple solutions tend to be the most difficult to find. That’s the why the creative process often takes a great deal of time—you’re having to clear the clutter of your own mind until the…

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After 24 Years in Graphic Design, This is the Most Important Principle I’ve Learned


Effective graphic design is when you find the most simple solution in terms of the idea, and then execute it visually in equally simple artwork. Effective design is never busy. It’s never overdone. Think of the most well-known corporate logos (Apple, Windows, Coke, Nike, American Airlines, etc) and they are ALL simple shapes and letters.…

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Finding the Simple Solution to Any Creative Problem

Market Head Postcard Purge Unnecessary

There’s a writer’s quip that says, “If I had more time, I’d write you a shorter letter.” That’s because it’s difficult to be concise. It’s also difficult to find the most simple solution to a creative problem. What is a creative problem? A creative problem is a communication problem, and this applies to every form…

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