You May Be Close to the Greatest Change in Your Life (Video)

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Nothing—and I mean nothing—will revolutionize your life as when you discover the power of determination. When you take your place as the one who decides and creates your desired future. It’s when you stop waiting for life to happen to you and start making life happen for you. When Apple founder, Steve Jobs, found himself…

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Steve Jobs on the Most Important Thing You Could Ever Learn


Life comes out of death, which is why real living begins when you kill off the habits, mindsets, and feelings that are holding you back. To live, something must die. To experience something greater, the lesser must be executed. In my life, nothing has spelled more significant change than when fatalism began to die and…

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Steve Jobs, the Mystery of Creativity, and the Need for You to Think Different

Steve Jobs understood what technology really was: creativity.

“That’s what makes great products. It’s not process—it’s content.” ~ Steve Jobs I copied the quote above by Steve Jobs while watching the full version of an old interview with him from the 90s when he was still the CEO of NeXT. In my opinion, Jobs remains one of the most important minds in our…

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