What Are You Transmitting? (Video)

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To “transmit” is to broadcast, to influence, or to transfer something to someone or your environment. Are you aware of the message you’re sending? Click now to watch…

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5 Effective Ways to Stop Negative Thinking and Empower Your Mind

5 Ways to Control Mind

Let me tell you something you already know. Life can be a bastard—a merciless one. One day, life is treating you like you’re the “Golden Child,” and next year, life mows you down like you’re the enemy! And if your head isn’t ready for this kind of treatment, you’ll get sidelined in a hurry. And…

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Killing Off the Mindsets, Habits, and Behaviors That are Holding You Back


Life can come out of death. We see this in the process of metamorphosis that a caterpillar goes through as it transforms from being an “earth-bound” worm to a winged, beautiful creature that takes flight. When it spins its cocoon, it goes through a death-based transformation. What keeps you earth-bound? When you’re trapped by bad…

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Mastering Your Mind: Training Your Head to Dominate Your Life

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There was a time in my life when I could literally shut down everything that was going on around me and enter into absolute stillness of mind. You could’ve placed me in the middle of a raging crowd at a concert, and I would still be able to focus my mind. The endless hours of…

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How to Train Your Mind to Destroy Negativity in Your Life!


The single most important thing you can do right now to immediately change your life is to seize the control and direction of your thoughts. If you want to experience something radically different, then dominating your mind must become your priority—right now! Controlling your emotions is determined by your thoughts. Becoming spiritually sensitive is determined…

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